Meet the Clean Team Ambassadors

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 8.47.20 AMIf you’ve been wondering who the people are wearing the bright blue shirts while vigorously cleaning the streets of Downtown Flagstaff, well, they’re the wonderful Clean Team Ambassadors of the Downtown Business Alliance.

Their job is to keep Downtown Flagstaff looking beautiful at all times, which entails removing any sort of litter, graffiti and even overflowing trashcans off the streets. The Clean Team Ambassadors also assist patrons, employees, residents, and visitors with excellent customer service, while providing them information about Downtown Flagstaff.

Whether it’s places to eat, different activities to do, where to shop, or places to stay, the Clean Team Ambassadors are your go-to resources.

There are currently two employees working as a Clean Team Ambassador, their names are Ashley Kritzstein, and Macie Guard.

Kritzstein is a freshman at Northern Arizona University and is brand new to Flagstaff.

“My major is business management with a minor in merchandising. I am originally from Phoenix, but I am excited to be more involved in the Flagstaff community” Ashley says, “That is the main reason why I am a member of the Clean Team because I get to learn more about where I live while at the same time being outside and helping people.”

On the other hand, Guard has lived, worked and gone to school in Flagstaff for 24 years.

I have a Bachelors Degree in History from NAU and a great interest in the Southwest and Environmental histories. I have spent the last two years working for the Arizona Conservation Corps, tracking rare species of plants, as well as running a chainsaw to remove invasive tree species.” Macie said. “I have volunteered at the Hart Prairie Nature Conservancy leading nature walks, and can point you to any beautiful place you want to go in the Coconino National Forest. I am currently working part-time jobs to get more experience in the local Flagstaff work industry to better understand the dynamics of our city.”

For the month of October, Ashley and Macie:

  • Cleaned 46 alleys
  • Swept 229 blocks
  • Helped 192 people with the new parking system
  • Assisted a total of 133 visitors, and 117 residents with any questions that had about Downtown Flagstaff

In addition, Tequila Sunrise happened this past weekend on Oct. 28th. The Clean Team was up at 6 am to make sure the streets of downtown were clean at all times. They picked up an immense amount of trash throughout the day, a total of 116 pounds.

The Clean Team Ambassadors even work winter hours, making sure to remove snow from sidewalks so people can walk around Downtown Flagstaff without any issue.

Furthermore, if you’re ever in Downtown Flagstaff and have questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the members of the Clean Team. If you have any other concerns about the Clean Team Ambassadors, please contact the program supervisor JB Dewitt at

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